Vanlife: 10 tips for converting your van

van life

If the desire for freedom and the call of nature is unbearable, it’s a safe bet that van life calls out to you. Many Quebecers have been forced to reinvent summer vacations. While for many, camping has turned out to be a real passion, for others it has asserted itself as a new way of life.

Vanlife consists of traveling light, aboard a converted and equipped van. Most people who choose this lifestyle – for vacation or for life – buy a pickup truck in order to convert it into a mobile home themselves.


Van rentals

Before changing your own van into a mini-house, you must have a very precise idea of ​​your needs. To determine your needs, there is nothing like living the van life. There are companies that will allow you to rent RVs or vans for a stay.

Prohibited modifications

Before embarking on major renovations to your van, it is best to know what is allowed and prohibited by the SAAQ. For example, it is forbidden to make modifications to automotive components.

Material selection

The first step is to lay the floor, but also to install the walls of the van. Each material has its properties, advantages and disadvantages. Get informed!

Water installation

If you choose to provide your van with water, you will need to provide two separate sources. It is compulsory to have a tank for drinking water and another for waste water.

Electrical installation

Unless you are an expert in the matter, it is best to hire a specialist to install the electricity in the van. In any case, do not forget to bring a carbon monoxide, smoke or propane detector.

Installation of a second source of electricity

Everywhere, you will be told to plan for two separate sources of electricity, especially if you are going on an adventure. Most people will opt for a battery source and a solar source.

Adding storage

In a small space, like that of a campervan, there is little room for storage. For this reason, every inch must be carefully thought out and conceptualized beforehand.

Furniture making

As each need is unique, each van is unique! For this reason, it is better to build custom-made furniture yourself, which will have several functions.

The contribution of the decoration

This part should not be overlooked. Indeed, by adding a few decorative items – light garlands, cushions, photos – you will feel at home more quickly.

Preparing the route

Now that the van is converted, we must prepare for departure! Since it is not possible to park your van everywhere, at all times, you must have a minimum of preparation. Moreover, for many, this downtime will be the time to take a shower, recharge the batteries or fill up with water.

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