The 7 dog breeds that are gentle with children

Little boy is giving a bath to his beagle dog, while they are in a bathtub together

Few families accidentally let a puppy enter their home. To make an informed choice, here are the 7 dog breeds that maybe your kid’s best friend.

French Bulldog

Always playful and affectionate, the French Bulldog dog breeds will be the perfect playmate for your little one. This boutentrain will, on the other hand, have to receive a close education since he has a tendency to be stubborn. When he loves, he LOVES!


A household favorite, the Labrador will adapt to children’s temperaments thanks to its patience and gentleness. Whoever likes to learn and have fun can be the play partner of the whole family.

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Border collie

It would be surprising if you didn’t fall in love with Lassie in 2005. By his very nature, he is a very protective dog breeds who will seek to bring his family together. The one who is devoid of any sign of aggression will be your children’s best friend.


Despite its massive size, Newfoundland can replace any plush. Affectionate, gentle, and kind, he adapts very easily to children. He will be patient with them.

Cavalier King Charles

The whole family will appreciate the docile and affectionate character of the Cavalier King Charles which, in turn, will give them back a hundredfold. In addition, its size makes it a great companion for children. 

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The Beagle has the energy to spare! If your children need to move, he can accompany them in all the activities. Curious and enduring, he will never tire of a long walk in the woods.

Golden Retriever

It’s not just her hair that is soft: her character too. Foolproof, his patience will suit any child, whether turbulent or calm. 

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