The 10 Most Beautiful Cats In The World

beautiful purebred scottish fold shorthair cat posing in front of camera. creamy bokeh is achieved with telephoto lens.

We know: ours is always the most beautiful cats. As we did not have a photo of each of them, we had to turn to the 10 most beautiful cat s on the planet. They might not be as cute as ours, but almost …!

1. Thor: Most Beautiful Cat

cut Thor  
Most Beautiful Cats

With more than 200,000 subscribers on Instagram, everything suggests that the beauty of this Bengal cat has cracked more than one … starting with us! His coat is so impeccable that we (almost) forget his piercing eyes.

2. Smoothie  

cut Smoothie  
Most Beautiful Cats

This cat is so cute that he makes us smile every time. More than 2 million people love to follow him on his hairy adventures!

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3. Iriss & Abyss  

cut Iriss and Abyss
Most Beautiful Cats

With their green and blue eyes, the Iriss and Abyss twins have everything it takes to break the internet. Once again, millions of subscribers follow their light footsteps all the way to Russia!

4. Coby  

cut Coby  
Most Beautiful Cats

This cat has the power to hypnotize you. Her eyes, a dazzling blue, are contrasted with her silky white coat. What a beauty!

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5. Venus  

cut Venus  
Most Beautiful Cats

This cat has two faces: one side of the face is black in color, while the other is caramel. This exceptional feature makes it very endearing.

6. Universe Kitten: Most Beautiful Cat

universe kitten
Most Beautiful Cats

On the web, Internet users have nicknamed this kitten “the cat of the universe”, because of the peculiarity of its eyes.

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7. Muta & May 

cut Muta and May 
Most Beautiful Cats

It is already too late, our hearts are completely won over by Muta, this singular cat. Her little sister is just as cute … it’s family!

8. Leonidas: Most Beautiful Cat

cut Leonidas
Most Beautiful Cats

On Instagram, he is simply nicknamed Leo. He has a joint (Instagram) account with Orion, his life partner. Leo knows how to attract attention with his hairstyles, always impeccable.

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9. Aurora: Most Beautiful Cat

Aurora cat
Most Beautiful Cats

Aurora is a REAL princess. Often she is dressed in a silver crown or a vaporous crinoline. She has everything to be a proud heir to the queen.

10. Hamilton: Most Beautiful Cat

Hamilton : Most Beautiful Cat

It’s no surprise he’s nicknamed the “hipster” beautiful cats. His mustache might make him look serious, but rather the opposite is happening!

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