Lagom In Your Home: The Scandinavian Decor Trend

You may have heard of hygge, a concept that prioritizes well-being and comfort above all. Now, thanks to Swedish culture, we have been introduced to lagom (pronounced lah-gum) which is a slightly different approach to life with a philosophy of “not too much, not too little, but just enough”. Why do the Swedes always seem to do things right? They, along with other Scandinavian countries, are not ranked among the happiest for no reason.

Lagom is a more balanced approach to living a happier life that can be applied to all aspects of your career, friends, design, food, and even Scandinavian Decor Trend. Eliminating clutter is one piece of the puzzle, but how can you incorporate lagom into your space?

A family atmosphere with a lighter, happier feel feels like something we can all get on board with, right ?! While this might sound a bit like minimalism, there are a few key differences and some design tips to keep in mind.

Declude and Tank Your Space

Lagom is all about filling your life with things that have a purpose and that make you happier… in moderation. When your home has too much clutter and unnecessary “crap,” you can unknowingly block creativity and make it difficult to relax. Imagine how it feels every time you tidy up space. For many of us, we feel like we can breathe again!

Throw away anything that doesn’t serve a logical purpose or put it away and out of sight. Decorative storage baskets are great for this purpose, as they keep clutter at bay without being an added eyesore.

Choose Lightweight Walls

Nothing says “calm” like simple white or light gray walls. Painting your walls in these colors can help showcase your other Scandinavian Decor Trend items so they can have time to shine without feeling overwhelming. Bright and bold color choices can sometimes be distracting and don’t always make you feel relaxed.

Busy patterns are a no-no, but you can feel free to experiment with other neutral tones as well as bolder color options like deep blues, greens, and oranges. However, do this in moderation and only to help balance the room.

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Touches of Natural Materials

Plants and natural elements like wood are perfect for a lagom space. Not only will they add a bit of texture, but they’ll brighten up any area without the extra bulk. Plants are also known to help reduce stress, so including at least one of your choice in your home has its emotional benefits too!

Try using cotton and wool knits, blankets and cushions, and even botanical artwork.

Use Natural Light

Another feature of a lagom house is the use of as much natural light as possible. When combined with light-toned walls, the effect of natural light is greater as light has the ability to bounce off the walls, in turn illuminating the room.

When playing with natural light, keep your windows as open as possible, possibly using sheer curtains instead of heavy curtains.

For a touch of warmth, candles in your Scandinavian Decor Trend can make any interior super cozy!

Balance Your Furniture

In the lagom Scandinavian Decor Trend, each piece of furniture must have a purpose. It’s common to have both old and new furniture in a space, but each room should have a function and details that you like. Don’t hesitate to reuse vintage finds if they achieve these goals!

Leaving a little wiggle room around each piece will help showcase each item and allow you to appreciate its individual beauty. Plus, simple pieces that complement each other rather than fight each other are essential in any lagom space.

Close Carpets

The Swedes do not prefer the carpet because it is considered unsanitary. Instead, place rugs in your rooms to add color and warmth. Rag rugs made from scraps of fabric or old clothes are common in Swedish homes and add an element of texture and something soft to walk on.

What do you think of this trend or this lifestyle? Are you the next Lagom-ist?

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