5 Ways To Practice Personal care During The Workday

Personal care has become a popular topic in recent years, and for good reason. More than ever, people are adopting daily habits that make them relaxed, happier, and ready to be their best.

While some of us have great personal care routines around the home, our focus on taking care of ourselves can go missing when it comes to a hectic day at the office. And it is not good.

Many of us spend a lot of time at work, so personal care should be part of our routine during our days at the office. Below are five ways you can easily train yourself to take care of yourself on the busiest work schedule.

Take Meditation Breaks

Instead of spending a five or ten-minute break looking at your phone, carve out time to focus on meditation to ease the mind and center your breathing. Phone apps like Calm and Headspace have made it simple to allow a quick getaway for a few minutes of meditation. Just find a peaceful spot, bring headphones, and relax.

Pick Up Desk Yoga

Yoga stretches can be incorporated into our daily lives in many different ways — no yoga mat required. One great way to feel stretched and relaxed during the week is by learning basic yoga poses to be done at your desk…even sitting down! From Cat-Cow Stretch to Standing Pigeon, find the yoga routine that is perfect for you.

Cozy Up Your Desk

Many workplaces can feel like an overly formal or even a cold environment. But if you have a desk, you are free to decorate as you wish (as long as it’s appropriate, of course). To feel more centered and at home during the day, create an atmosphere that you’ll love. Add pictures of friends and family, plants, small puzzles or activities, and more.

Build Meaningful Friendships

If we feel stressed, sometimes having a conversation with someone whose presence we enjoy will make things ten times better. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers. So it’s a good idea to find connections and make conversation with them about something other than work. Find a good group to join for lunch outings or bond with that one coworker who will let you vent about your schedule during a five-minute break.

Cross Off The To-Do List

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than adding a checkmark next to a big project when it’s done. If your schedule and tasks tend to be all over the place, grab a notebook and start a to-do list. This will make you feel more organized and relaxed as you can physically view all of your tasks, and it will probably make you better at your job, as well.

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